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A coalition with a vision to dynamically transform the way Vancouver Islanders live, work and play in their communities. We envision Vancouver Island being a safe, progressive, environmentally sensitive, energy self sufficient and lifeā€sustaining place for all its inhabitants.

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Victoria Downtown Options

January 29, 2014

Changes to Downtown Zoning Regulations - 2014

"The City of Victoria is proposing a new Zoning Regulation Bylaw for Downtown focused on the Central Business District, which covers a 15-block area of Downtown."

e.g. "Support for alternative transportation modes by not requiring on-site vehicle parking given proximity to major transit corridors and transit stops, and encouraging bicycle storage rooms through density exemptions." Read more...

ITO Comment: Those who live in or routinely visit the downtown core are invited to respond to the City Survey on this subject, or to make personal proposals such as has been made by Dick Faulks of ITO (link) to the e-address given: (prior to mid February 2014).

Island Corridor Foundation - news

October 12, 2013

We are pleased to report that ICF and Southern Rail are working on the E&N line while awaiting the final agreement signatures (VIA in particular, then the CRDs).

Here at Esquimalt where ties are being replaced at the junction of the Naden spur.   Oct 2013.

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Our Mission

To collaborate with others to connect the following ideas

  • An ecosystem approach to environmental protection and planning;
  • Less dependency on Carbon based energy sources;
  • Sustainable urban design, planning and energy use;
  • Transportation options that promote community, healthy lifestyles and real Choice;
  • Local economic development models that encourage local food production;
  • Diversity in accommodation that promotes resiliency and respect for all;

By developing proposals based on these interconnected ideas, IslandTransformations.Org will provide individuals, organizations and governments the tools and resources required to meet the challenges of climate change and the end of cheap oil.

The Transportation Forum

Welcome to ITO

Imagine! Victoria's Government Street with light rail and pedestrians only.

Our Vision:

(18 min)

 Our Major Problem - NOW

Malahat Congestion

The road ahead for the Malahat
Rob Shaw / Colonist, July 14, 2013

Effort to resume E&N passenger rail service gets support from B.C. minister

Rob Shaw / Colonist, July 22, 2013

ITO Comment: Good news on 22 July, but that does little to solve the Malahat congestion until 2015; so, mitigation of that problem still needs the attention of all CRD Councils and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure.

Responses and Proposed Solutions: (attached pdf file)

also: Turn E&N into fast transit system by Bob Trotter, 27 July 2013


Recent negatives for Victoria CRD:

A sad day in the history of the E&N

Old Blue Bridge

The Bills - Old Blue Bridge From the Album: "LET EM RUN" 2004/2005 Borealis/Red House Records Directed by Mark Tuit, Produced by Adrian Cox.

CRD Transit Authority Options


Note how Portland manages Regional Transit

Transit Investment Plan
A roadmap for TriMet's transportation investments

TriMet's Transit Investment Plan (TIP) is a roadmap for how we provide transit service to meet the needs of our growing region.

The plan is revised each year based on input from jurisdictional and community partners and the general public, and TriMet Board meetings. (View their Executive Summary)

CRD, that Plan could be adapted!! Let's make that our objective in 2013!


Louis Guilbault's evaluation of the VRRT estimates of rail construction costs prompted him to research and then write the editor of  the Victoria Times to state his concern that the costs exceeded that of other equivalent projects by $30 M per kilometer of track.  His letter was published in the last week of May and his research facts are now available here in printable format.  And updated here.

You be the judge.  If also concerned, please let your Councillor or Mayor know.


Challenge your CRD Councillors now and,  to find out who those are and what issues they support;

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