Choosing Our Future: Sustainability !

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Board Meetings

Our most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in June 2021.

Our meetings usually take place monthly, and currently have moved online.  We invite you to attend!  Please get in touch and we'll pass on the link for the meeting if it isn't posted on the home page.

About ITO

Our Mission

To collaborate with others to connect the following ideas

  • An ecosystem approach to environmental protection and planning;
  • Less dependency on Carbon based energy sources;
  • Sustainable urban design, planning and energy use;
  • Transportation options that promote community, healthy lifestyles and real Choice;
  • Local economic development models that encourage local food production;
  • Diversity in accommodation that promotes resiliency and respect for all;

By developing proposals based on these interconnected ideas, IslandTransformations.Org will provide individuals, organizations and governments the tools and resources required to meet the challenges of climate change and the end of cheap oil.

Our Organization

To become a member of ITO, please download our ITO membership application form, scan it and e-mail it to the following address:

ITO Membership Chair at


For general information, please write to or post a letter to the following address:

President of ITO

         196 Wera Rd
         View Royal, BC
         V9B 1N4

In The Community