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The Parking in Your Town Series

We have written 4 articles on the very exciting subject of Parking. These are our 'Parking in Your Town' series. In them we explore the present situation in many municipalities . The titles are; On street parking, Off street Minima, The idea of the Parking Benefit Neighbourhood or PBN and finally, the idea of a Verge zone.

  1. Parking In Your Town On Street Management
  2. Parking In Your Town, Off Street Minima
  3. Parking in your town, The Parking Benefit Neighborhood (PBN)
  4. The Parking In Your Town Series: The Verge Zone.

Sustainable Cities- Potential E&N stations with Value Capture Elements

ITO has partnered with the University of Victoria (U-Vic) and the Sustainable Cities program headed by Professor Cam Owen in the spring of 2020. ITO presented the following Power-point presentation

Altogether we had eight students participate. They worked in teams of 2 to do studies on 4 potential railway stations that utilized Value Capture in order to help pay for the rehabilitation of the railway as well as making very urban nodes surrounding these stations. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of the studies but felt that the students could have been thinking a little more like greedy bankers in order to help amass the amount of funding required to rehabilitate this line.

Here are the four studies:

  1. Victoria Terminus Station
  2. Admirals Road Station
  3. Six Mile Station Report
  4. Alexander Frasher Assignment